Sound…and fury

via Daily Prompt: Sound

The Sound of Silence…

The Sound and the Fury…

The Sound…the sound…the sound…

The silence is haunting, but why? Why is the absence of sound such a foreign concept to us? Why must we have white noise? Why?

There is no Sound in a vacuum, yet a vacuum is loud. That is a conundrum.

What is the Sound of a memory? What is the Sound of a smile? What is the Sound of action? Better yet, what is the Sound of inaction? What if we ALL made noise? What would that Sound like?

What is laughter without Sound? Better yet what is Sound without silence? If not for silence we could not comprehend Sound. It would be like light without dark. Without one we would not have the other. We would not even have a word to describe them. But, what about Love? Can love exist without hate? Can hate exist without love? That is a conundrum.

Now. I understand the silence, the fury, the memory of a past.



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